My Thoughts on "Kings Insufficient"

Mark Amesse, the owner of the blog Durendal has posted this article in response to Bishop Williamson's post in Dinoscopus called King's Insufficient. Mark replies in part,

...Catholic monarchists are, Catholics first, or should be. We certainly do not need Monarchists who just so happen to be Catholic. We are, and must be, Catholic monarchists and not Monarchist catholics. Governments are raised by God and sustained to rule the temporal sphere in His Name. Saying Christ is King, without saying what that means, leaves the His Kingship a ‘pie in the sky’ concept. It must have a concrete reality, and cannot be a matter of sentimental words. But if Catholics are monarchists, it is only because we believe that the social reign of Christ the King tends to be realized – that is, put in concrete reality—best when it reflects the heavenly court and is modeled upon the very same monarchal structure which He reigns over His Kingdom, both in heaven, and on Earth, in the office of the Supreme Pontiff...The whole reply is here...

Thank you Mark.

Dieu le Roy,

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