I was hoping for my cousin Vinnie to be nominated...

The man made god, also known as, President Barack Obama tapped federal appeals judge Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court on Tuesday, officials said, making her the first Hispanic in history picked to wear the robes of a justice.

"...Court is where policy is made." I should add that a liberal court is where liberal policy is made.

I but am thinking... Will the Senate Committe ask if she ever cheated on her taxes, or if she hired illegal aliens?

Her most appealing judgement, according to BO is that she saved baseball. You have to be useful sometimes.

Thank God I have Christ and the Communion of Saint.

Dieu le Roy!


Mark Amesse said...

Our political and ‘cultural’ reality, without need of commentary, has become its own satire.

de Brantigny........................ said...

Yes, but with something stupid every day the public are lulled into a sense of ease. Reminds me of the HULU commercials. "We are turning your brains in to mush."