Боже, Царя Храни, God Save the Tsar

Anniversary of the Coronation of the Last Tsar, 26 May 1896.

Matterhorn has written in her blog The Sword & The Sea recalls the coronation of Nicholas II, on this date in 1896.

...On May 26 (O.S. May 14), 1896, Russia's last Tsar, Nicholas II, and his wife, Alexandra Feodorovna (born Princess Alix of Hesse) were crowned in Moscow. As a young officer of the Chevalier Guards, Finland's future Marshal Mannerheim took part in the ceremonies. In his memoirs, he recalls the fateful day:

...A few days before the coronation, the Imperial pair left the Petrov Palace to make their solemn entry into the Kremlin. Preceding the Tsar, mounted on horseback and surrounded by a glittering staff, rode the 1st Squadron of the Chevalier Guards, in which I was acting commander of the first platoon. The two Empresses (i.e. Nicholas' wife and mother) drove each in her own coach, drawn by eight horses, and were followed by a cortege of some twenty coaches drawn by six or four horses. The platforms that lined the route of the procession were filled with spectators in ceremonial attire, the men in parade uniform or evening dress, as was then customary, and the women in their very best. It was indescribably magnificent...

Боже, Царя Храни,



Matterhorn said...

Thanks for the link. Isn't it striking the way history repeats itself, there are so many parallels between the French and Russian revolutions.

de Brantigny........................ said...

The one inspired the other revolution. Both revolutions were an attack against God. In fact I would claim that these following were also an attack agaist God and the Church. Mexico under Huerta, the Spanish under the regime before Franco, the Commune, China, and the reorganization of Europe by Wilson.

Matterhorn said...

Yes, I agree.