God Bless Our Pope!

After yesterday's vociferous video of the the grand-daughter of the (not so) Reverend Phelps from the Westborough Baptist Church, I could not help but post this. Now if we as catholics worship the Pope I think the words would be different, like Bless Yourself god pope...or something, no?

Catholic Church Conservation reports...

...Priests belt out 'God bless the Pope' at Latin Mass Society conference – Catholic Herald Online:

"Dr Joseph Shaw, LMS chairman, said: 'The glorious sight of the great chapel with Solemn Mass, two choirs, more than a score of priests in choir, and a good number of local faithful, was surpassed by the bustle of the enormous sacristy and the whisper of private Masses at innumerable altars in the early morning. What the LMS conference represented is the re-establishment of the Traditional Mass as part of the toolkit of parish priests. It was wonderful to see Ushaw College doing what it has done for two centuries: enabling the training of priests in the Church's great liturgical tradition.' The next conference will be in Hertfordshire from August 24 to August 28...."

Thanks and a tip of the beret to Catholic Church Conservation.

Dieu le Roy,

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christopher said...

Amen. God bless the Successor to Peter. We're truly privileged to have him as our shepherd.