Fr Norman Weslin

Her is the priest that the police arrested at Notre Dame for proclaiming the truth of the Catholic Church. His arrest had to be approved by Obama's arch-priest. I do not think that a more peaceful man could have been found to show us the contrast of the strength of character between this man and that of the pro-abortion poster priest Fr. Jenkins.

Father Norman Weslin is a missionary priest of the Oblates of Wisdom. He was ordained in 1986 by Juan Fremiot Torres, his incardinating Bishop of Ponce, Puerto Rico. His superior is Monsignor John F. McCarthy, who served on the Roman Curia at the Vatican in Rome.

Prior to ordination, Norman Weslin served as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army and retired after twenty years of active military service. He was a paratrooper, commander and chief of a war plans division on the General Staff. He was the Operations Officer responsible for the Army nuclear-tipped missile defense of New York City, Chicago and South Korea.

While in the Army, Norman Weslin married. He and his wife Mary adopted two children. He currently has two grandchildren and one great grandchild. He and his wife became involved in the pro-life movement early in their marriage, and they started Birthrights, Life Support Centers, and political action committees in an effort to stop the killing of Jesus' babies. In 1980 Mary died in a tragic automobile accident. Norman then decided to convert his home to "The Mary Weslin Homes for Pregnant, Unwed Mothers." Since then, over 300 mothers have lived in his Homes. Many of these mothers were reconciled with their families before giving birth to their babies. 226 babies were born directly through the Homes in the hospital - under doctors' care.

After his wife's death Norman decided to join the priesthood and became a missionary priest. One of his experiences in the priesthood was to work with Mother Teresa for a nine-month learning experience counseling alcoholics and drug addicts in the slums of New York. Father had been an alcoholic for twenty years prior to this assignment, but he has been recovered for more than thirty years now.

Father Norman has been faithful in fighting abortion his entire adult life. After twelve years of picketing killing centers and sidewalk counseling, Father realized that we could not stop satan's multi-billion dollar child-killing industry by ourselves - but that Jesus could and would if we made the sacrifice of confronting satan directly at the killing centers.

Father has been to prison 70 to 80 times as a result of peaceful, non-violent efforts to place his body between the killer and Jesus' babies. His last jail term was a five-month sentence in Federal Prison.

Father Norman has faced four federal charges for praying on his knees on a public sidewalk in front of a Planned Parenthood killing center. He is committed to stopping satan from killing Jesus Christ's babies while they are still helpless in their mothers' wombs.
from "the Lambs of Christ website..

Some will find my writing harsh. Call it rage. I find it hard to believe that Notre Dame University would invite a person who is more virulently opposed to Catholic teaching than President Obama. The administration claims it wishes to open the door to dialogue. How shallow these words are, when we are witness to one Catholic priest having another Catholic priest arrested. Where is the dialogue.

Dieu le Roy.

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lord thank you for fr. weslin keep on doing the gospel!