Baldwin IV, King of Jerusalem

I discovered an article from the Mad Monarchist via Cross of Laeken today. Many may remember something of this king from the recent film Kingdom of Heaven, by Ridley Scott. The film unfortunately is of little historical value, which is a pity because there are those who use films as historical sources, attributing their unfounded desire for historical truth to Hollywood.

Feeling supremely confident Saladin split his forces to take Ascalon and the supposedly defenseless Holy City of Jerusalem. However, Baldwin summoned the Templars who joined him in defeating the troops at Ascalon and then rushing to overtake Saladin at Ramleh. The Christian knights were vastly outnumbered but were devoted to their young monarch who, despite his disease, led from the front and they were encouraged by their faith with the Bishop of Bethlehem on hand with the relic of the True Cross.more

Thanks and a tip of the beret to the Mad Monachist, who ain't so mad. SAR Louis XX is the current uncrowned King of Jerusalem.

Dieu Le Roy!

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