The Trail Home

“When you're seven years old and you run away from home, it's a lot of fun at 12 noon. But by 6pm it's not fun anymore, you want to return home.” This is one man's journey home to the Catholic Church."

Here is a true story of someone returning to the True Faith...

...My Introduction to Fundamentalism.

...Now, as a married adult, I had a decision to make.
What church to go to?

I liked Jerry Falwell. I wanted a church like that. A church to teach me the Bible. So I called the ministry and asked if there were any churches, like theirs, in the city I lived in. They gave me several, but one was within fifteen minutes of where I lived.

My first Sunday there was my introduction to Independent Fundamentalist Baptist. The first time I walked into the church, what struck me was nothing was required of me (which perhaps fed into my lazy nature). No order of service, just a few songs and listening to the preacher. People had their Bibles open with pens ready to take notes. People were shouting “amen!” from the pews...


Thanks and a tip of the beret to Robert Banaugh, a some time contributor to my blog.


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