Orlando Gardens Makes Amends; Takes Pro-Life Action

From St Louis Catholic Blog is this exciting development...

Banquet Center Owner Takes Stand for Unborn

In a recent Jeff City Update we shared with you information about an awards banquet held last night by a group calling itself "Faith Aloud." The banquet was organized by pro-abortion activists to "honor" representatives from Planned Parenthood and current and former legislators for their support of the abortion industry. We were disappointed to learn that the event was being held for the second straight year at Orlando Gardens, a prominent south St. Louis County banquet center. We encouraged you to send e-mails to the management expressing disappointment that they would host a party for those celebrating the killing of unborn children.

As a result of those contacts, we are delighted to report that the owners have had a change of heart. General Manager Mike Orlando shared his decision in an e-mail to us: "The Orlando Family is PRO LIFE. Therefore, our family will refuse to receive any profit from this event and donate all of the event's proceeds to the Respect for Life Apostolate at the St. Louis Archdiocesan office. Furthermore, Orlando Gardens will not be hosting any future events for Planned Parenthood."

Praise God for this victory. Please take the time to e-mail Mr. Orlando and thank him for taking this courageous stand on behalf of justice for the unborn. He has demonstrated that he is a businessman of true integrity and conscience.

You can reach Mike Orlando at morlando@orlandogardens.com

This is why the midwest is called the heartland of America, and why the east and west coast are so out of touch. I expect that the ACLU and P/P will bring a suit, that is their style...

Sacré-Cœur de Jésus, prier pour nous.

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Show Me No Hate said...

Mike Orlando has changed his mind and his discrimination. Check http://www.boycottorlandogardens.com for his new change of heart.