I didn't write anything since last Thrusday, because I was too involved with the Thursday afternoon Mass and Adoration, Friday's Eucharistic service, and Saturday night's Easter vigil. So I took off Easter and Easter Monday.

I should like to say thank you for all the kind prayers from those of you who not knowing me personally other than my writing, yet have said a prayer for my father
You will be rewarded by the creator.

My father has a brain tumor over his right eye which was exacerbated by a liver cancer. The latest information I received was yesterday from my mother; my fathers breathing is laboured, and he requires constant care, which my mother and sister Diane have provided continually for the last 6 months. They have received Graces from God.There are days when he is more focused than others. He is in discomfort but he denies any pain. He receives communion by a volunteer most days.

Gods will be done...

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elena maria vidal said...

May Our Risen Lord bless your dear Father, Richard!