A view on how the media thinks in England about Christians

Fr Tim has posted an article about the Channel 4 media attacks a prolife Catholic on a news broadcast. I would have thought this moderator would have shown moderation, but just as they are in this country they are incapable of just moderating. So instead of just having a debate with one woman in opposition to the prolife-Catholic cause, she had to face two. Like a modern day Cyrano she gave better that she recieved.

Auntie Joanna ambushed - comes out fighting

It might seem that when ambushed, you should run for cover, conceal yourself, get out of danger. McAleese's "Fighting Manual" realistically points out that when the enemy has put out a deliberate ambush, he has chosen the ground and set up his weapons. You don't have the luxury of choosing cover. As he says, the only realistic response is to come out fighting with aggression and determination:
more and a video here...

Bring IT!
Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

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