The Queen's Agony

As a case manager in a prison I talk to many mothers and families who call me to ask about how their sons are doing in prison. I have encouraged calls from the family of the fellows in my charge so that the families may find a bit of peace. It is not always easy to communicate with a mother who is crying, worried about her son who is placed on long term segregation (used to be called solitary). After everything is said and done these fellows have mothers who love them.

I know how my wife loves our children. I love them too but it is is something different to someone who has carried the child for nine months growing with her, kicking her, keeping her up at night... No, I love the kids but Suzy has a mothers love.

Like Mary the Mother of Christ, Marie-Antoinette had her only living son torn from her arms, never on this side of life to be joined together again. It was only after threats of violence towards him and his sister would she relinquish her hold and release him to his own prison.

Children too have that connection with their mothers which can not be broken. (Men in battle are known to cry for their mother as they die on the battlefield, it is heart rending.) Today I direct the reader to the article on Tea at Trianon, written by Elena-Maria on the agony of Queen Marie-Antoinette. If there were no other reason for her beatification this would suffice...

Her neck never stopped aching from the vise-like grip with which his short arms had locked around her, refusing to let go, as the commissaries began to drag him from her arms. His cries of "Maman! Maman!" echoed within her still. Her heart was not broken, it was gone. ~from Trianon by Elena Maria Vidal, Chapter Seven: "The Sacrifice"more...

Thanks and a tip of the beret to Elena-Maria.


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