Pope Pius XII, document found

Robert Banaugh sent me this article this morning, It is interesting...

VATICAN CITY (AP) - Vatican Radio said Wednesday that a 1943 document found in a Rome convent bolsters church contentions that Pope Pius XII tried to save Jews from Nazis in World War II.

Some historians and Jewish groups contend that the wartime pontiff didn't speak out enough against the Holocaust [How many Jews 'spoke out enough against' the trial, torture, and crucifixion of Our Lord?], while the Vatican insists that the late pope used quiet diplomacy to help Jews.

Vatican Radio reported the discovery of a note, kept in a cloistered monastery near the Colosseum, which lists the names of 24 people who were taken in by the nuns "in accordance with Pius' desire."

The note carried a November 1943 date, Vatican Radio said. In October 1943, more than 2,000 Jews were rounded up in the city's Old Ghetto neighborhood and deported to concentration camps while the Italian capital was under Nazi occupation. Only about 100 Jews survived to return to Italy.

A German Jesuit who has been spearheading efforts for beatification for Pius, told Vatican Radio he obtained the document from nuns based in the convent.

The Rev. Peter Gumpel contended that the lists provides "further confirmation that can be useful against those who persistently want to denigrate Pius XII and thus attack the Catholic church."

Beatification is the last formal step before sainthood.

Israeli officials and Jewish groups have said that as long as Vatican archives on Pius' papacy remain closed to researchers, the question over what the pontiff did or didn't do to save Jews remains unresolved.

Last year, Pope Benedict XVI, in a tribute to Pius, insisted the late pontiff worked quietly behind the scenes to save as many Jews as possible. He has expressed hope the path for sainthood could move ahead, but also reportedly agreed to consider freezing the process until the Vatican's wartime archives are opened to researchers.

Pope Pius XII continues to be under attack by Jewish groups due in large part to a fictional play in 1962, called "The Deputy" by the then unknown Rolf Hochhuth. The calumny in that theatrical production was believed by many Jewish and protestant groups until respect for Pius XII, widespread until then, rapidly turned into negative opinion. (Of course Pius XII was dead by then) Hochhuth claimed that the Pope had remained silent, for reprehensible reasons (selfishness of the institutions, concern for papal finances), precisely when an official pronouncement from him could have put an end to the killing of the Jews being perpetrated by National Socialism. The groups suporting Hochhuth's contention claimed that the Vatican secret archives remained closed to them, and offered this as proof of a conspiracy to coverup the Pope's alleged connection to the Nazi's.

Rolf Hochhuth, strange as it may seem,was a leading defender of David Irving a well known Holocaust denier. When asked about Irving’s statement that "more women died on the back seat of Edward Kennedy's car at Chappaquiddick than ever died in a gas chamber in Auschwitz", Hochhuth called this black humour... So now I am confused.

I guess my question would be, why does the Vatican have to prove anything to Jewish groups? In which way do these groups determine who is canonized and who is not. I can assure the reader that if God has taken Pope Pius XII into his busom then no piece of paper or canonization process can change that.

Thanks and a tip of the beret to Robert Banaugh at Post Conciliar Catholicism for sending me the article from the Vatican News organization.

Pope Saint Pius XII pray for us...

Dieu le Roy!


Elisa said...

After the WWII ended, a promenient Jewish rabbi (I forget the name) praised the Pope for helping to save Jewish lives.
Anytime the Pope spoke out against what was happening in Nazi Germany, Hitler responded with violent retalitation.

elena maria vidal said...

Let us hope that soon he will be St. Pius XII. No one did more than he to try to save as many Jewish people as possible.

de Brantigny........................ said...

Elena-Maria, and Elisa, in writing this a tred gingerly about naming the groups who are pesecuting his holiness to further their own ends. I am aware of the Jewish rabbis who have come and continue to come to Pius XII's defense, however, this is a concerted effort to destroy the legacy of this very holy man. This is especially true now that these self same groups are inserting their desires as with regards to Pius XII's cnonization, and the lifting of the excommunication of Bsp. Williamson. Tis has got to stop. I think waht bothers me most is that even Catholic's don't care.

Peace and Joy,