Obama at Notre Dame?

What is the president of Notre Dame thinking? "University President Fr. John Jenkins responded to criticism regarding the announcement of President Barack Obama as the 2009 Commencement speaker by clearly making a distinction between honoring the president and supporting his political views." What? Father Jenkins is finding refuge in detail. If that were the case why doesn't Notre Dame invite Kim Jong Il to speak at the commencement address.?

No one single man has in so short a time attacked the Church as Barack Obama since the Cult of Reason based on secularism and atheism devised during the French Revolution by Jacques Hébert.

Perhaps Fr. Jenkins is not aware of the Churches teaching on abortion, contraception, dignity of the unborn not to be used as vessels of stem cells? Perhaps, but I doubt it.

So I say this, if you are a Catholic and plan to send you child to Notre Dame, do not until this pharisee Jenkins is removed. If you are an alum don't send money to the University until Jenkins is removed. Do not in any way support Notre Dame University until Jenkins is removed. If you are graduating from Notre Dame and Obama is the speaker turn your back on him, and the way of death.

This is not the first time a Notre Dame has been attacked. Here is another

Virgin Mother of God,Queen of Heaven, whose name graces the great cathedrals, whose name adorns this university, assist those who are in need of your guidance.

This article by my friend Joseph is more restrained than my outrage


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