Marie-Antoinette's first laying-in

...At Versailles, not only the Queen, but princesses of the royal blood were required to give birth in public. Why? To prevent any substitution of the infant in case he was destined to reign. I say “he” by design, because France’s unwritten constitution prevented women to step unto the throne in their own right, though they could, and often did govern the Kingdom as Regents...more...

Thanks to Catherine Delors link to this article. Very appropriate considering...I am sure that my petite Princesse will have enough people in the room un the day of her delivery.

My memory is not working so good today, but I seem to remember a granddaughter of Louis XIV laying-in during the summer, the windows all closed and the doctor prescribing a sheep to be slaughtered in her presence, skinned, and the skin placed on her. I am sure that relieved the pain...

Dieu Le Roy!

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