Madame Marie-Louise, daughter of Louis XV

The loss of a child to parents is a devastating blow. It is especailly so when the chld is a toddler. In Catherine Delors blog Versailles and More posted yesterday the story of King Louis XV and Queen Marie's youngest daughter Marie-Louise (named presumably after the Royal couple) is posted. This is a short article for a life cut short by the unfortunate medical care she received. I can hear her saying, Maman, Maman... Maman! While pulling on the skirts of Queen Marie Leszczynska.

If Marie-Louise, third of the children of Louis XV and Marie Leszczynska, is mentioned here last, blame it on my earlier (and now reversed, thanks to a blog reader's remarks) decision to study only those daughters who had reached adulthood.

Marie-Louise, known simply as Madame Louise, or Madame Troisième ("Madame the Third") was born in Versailles on July 28, 1728, less than one year after her twin sisters, Mesdames Elisabeth and Henriette. Everyone, most of all her parents, hoped for a boy this time, since women were not eligible to inherit the French crown in their own right. As soon as it became known that the baby was a girl, all of the celebrations that had been planned in anticipation of the birth of a Dauphin were canceled, except for a mass in at the Royal Chapel of the Palace. More...
Vive le Roy!

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