Madame Louise, Venerable Mother Thérèse de Saint-Augustin, daughter of Louis XV

Life in a Carmel is never easy. For some though it is the culmination of every hope and desire on earth. So it was with St Therese of Lesieux, so it was with Madame Louise.

Catherine Delors has recited the story of Madame Louise, daughter of Louis XV and aunt to Louis XVI in a short biography.

...Born on July 15, 1737, Louise-Marie was the last of the children of Louis XV and Marie Leszczynska. She was only eleven months old when, with her elder sisters Victoire, Sophie and Thérèse, she left Versailles for the faraway the Abbey of Fontevraud. That is to say she knew of no other world than the convent where she spent all of her childhood... There is more! Thank you Catherine.

Dieu le Roy!

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