A colour engraving of Charlotte Corday

The writen caption on the top margin reads:The heroic Charlotte la Cordé, upon her trial, at the bar of the Revolutionary Tribunal for having rid the world of that monster of Athiesm and murder the regicide Marat, whom she stabbed in a bath where he had retire on account of a Leprosy with which Heaven had begun the punishment of the crimes---The noble enthusiam which this woman met the charge and the elevated distain with which she treated the self created Tribunal struck the whole assembly with fear and astonishment./ Js. Gy., desn. et fect.

The interior of the Revolutionary Tribunal crowded with figures. Charlotte Corday (right) stands at the bar, a raised circular stone platform, her wrists linked by a chain, addressing her judges (left), who listen with alarm, as do the the spectators and the two ruffians holding spears who stand behind her.... 1 print : engraving, color. [England] : Published July 29th 1793 by H. Humphrey, No. 18 Old Bond Street, 1793.

Dieu Suave le Roy!

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