Charles Schumer on the AIG Bonuses

...My colleagues and I are sending a letter to [AIG CEO Edward] Liddy informing him that he can go right ahead and tell the employees that are scheduled to get bonuses that they should voluntarily return them," Sen. Charles Schumer said on the Senate floor. "Because if they don't, we plan to tax virtually all of [the money] ... so it is returned to its rightful owners, the taxpayers."... Charles Schumer, NY

One of the benefits of an elected legislature means that they can steal your money through taxation. If the house of represtatives can enact legislation which can tax of a group of people to whom they gave our money they can tax you into poverty.

Senator Charles Schumer ask Senator Chris Dodd why he wrote the bonus deal into the law that was enacted before anybody (or he) read it. Both Schumer and Dodd are acting like that provision is news to them.

Although the President continues to say he inherited the resession, that is not true. He asked for it, through two years of campaign while senators and represetatives from his party helped it along.



Anonymous said...

Last week Obama compared the stock market to a tracking poll. No one's called him out on it. If Bush had said it, everyone would've been all over it.

Brantigny said...

Elisa, I have come to the conclusion that no one cares. Obama said last week that the economy is basically sound, but last October (or so) McCain said the same thing and he was called out of touch. Who is out of touch?