17th Century Jesuit's St. Mary's Chapel Stands Anew


Jesuits' brick chapel is rebuilt in St. Mary's City Research, bits of debris and educated guesswork go into design By Frank D. Roylance March 8, 2009 ST. MARY’S CITY Henry Miller's assignment might have been hopeless.

As research director for Historic St. Mary's City, he was expected to guide the reconstruction of the first Roman Catholic house of worship in English America, for which no drawings or even written descriptions have ever been found.

All that was left of the 1667 Brick Chapel in Maryland's first Colonial capital were its huge, 3-foot-thick brick foundation and thousands of fragments of glass, lead, brick and plaster sifted from the soil during 20 years of painstaking archaeology.

But after some dogged research - and six seasons of construction using 17th-century techniques - the Brick Chapel has reappeared on its original foundation, rising out of the field like a revelation. more...

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