Saint Blaise

On Sunday at my Parish, St Catherine of Siena the good father blessed our throats in honour of Saint Blaise. Usually this should be done today after Candlemas but as this is a mission parish we had the blessing after Mass (It is not part of the liturgy for the 4th Sunday in Ordinary time).

Saint Blaise, a Bishop of Se Baste, Armenia, was martyred because he spread Christian teachings in this territory. He fled prosecution into the mountains of Sicily and lived in a cave. He would come down to the town of Militello in the Province of Messina and preach his Gospel. Along the way, he would cure people with throat troubles and also heal sick animals.

After his return to Armenia, he was killed and beheaded. The people of Militello declared him their Patron Saint. Every February 3rd, the townspeople celebrate Mass in his honor and have their throats blessed. They formed a society devoted to Saint Blaise and named it Society San Biagio di Militello Rosmarino. The people of the town had a large statue of Saint Blaise made and placed it in their local church. Every February 3rd, they would march in procession around the town and finish with a Mass in his honor followed by seven days of festivities.

This tradition is still carried on today.

For more on Saint Blaise and the history of the society of Saint Blaise go here...

I must say that this feast has fallen into disuse. I had trouble finding sites wherein this saint was remebered. Is it because we are so used to a doctor "curing" our ills that we forget? I assure any reader that The doctor is not as helpful as the One God who created him.

Happy Saint Blaise Day.

Dieu Le Roy!
de Brantigny

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