Reason #51 on why I am a monarchist.

Let us carry this out to it's conclusion...

One of the reasons we have been taught in school is that the American Revolution was fought because the colonies were forced to pay taxes with out representation...

Joeseph Biden the Vice President has said that to be patriotic we need to pay Taxes.

Sen. Tom Daschle, mentioned in the Congressional Record, May 7, 1998, p. S4507. “Make no mistake, tax cheaters cheat us all, and the IRS should enforce our laws to the letter. ”

...and yet the President Barack Obama has nominated 2 tax avoiders to cabinet positions...

Treasury Secretary nominee Timothy Geithner forgot and failed to pay more than $34,000 in U.S. taxes for income from his stint from 2001 to 2003 as a senior official at the International Monetary Fund, including a small IMF payment in 2004. Although He was told he needed to pay the money from the IMF during that period. He "only" became aware of the taxes when he was nominated. He paid the back taxes and the IRS waived penalties for Geithner in 2006, according to an account provided by the transition office and the Senate committee. A three-year statute of limitations had precluded the agency from auditing the 2001 and 2002 tax returns.

If this had been me, I would need to have to hire a tax professional to help me, but as this is a nominee of BO, he not only gets away with tax evasion with out penalty, he is now in charge of chasing down tax evaders. Nice work if you can get it.

The aforementioned former Senator Tom Daschle, didn't know he had to pay taxes on over 100K in income on the car and driver a wealthy friend let him use from 2005 through 2007. This is not the only tax issue the former Senate Majority Leader has been dealing with since his December nomination prompted a more thorough examination of his income tax returns. Mr. Daschle also didn't report $83,333 in consulting income in 2007.

Are these the best that BO can come up with to lead this country?

"WE won!" Barack H Obama

Do you feel represented?

God save us.

de Brantigny

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