Music of the French Court

La Forlana by André Campra (1660 - 1744) as arranged by Louis-Guillaume Pécour (ca. 1651-1729)

The "forlana" is generally considered a lively pastoral and perhaps even rustic dance. The melody is taken from André Campra's opera-ballet L'Europe Galante (1697), and is identical to the music incorporated in the manual published in Paris in 1700 by the celebrated dancing master, Louis Pécour.

Such volumes were well known to dancing masters active in New France. During the course of his life, André Campra held many important sacred and secular appointments—most notably, organist at Notre-Dame in Paris and at the Royal Academy of Music. He was equally at ease writing for church and theater productions, which were justifiably well-received. Many examples of Campra's sacred repertory were known in New France, as evidenced in the Ursuline Convent archives in Quebec City.

Secular airs and other pieces, including works of Campra, can be found listed in the inventory (before 1750) of Charles Berthelot, merchant and captain of the militia, and member of the City Council of Quebec.


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