From my friends at The Traditional Third Order of St. Francis blog I have borrowed this letter posted there yesterday.

A Letter To All The Faithful By Our Holy Father St. Francis of Assisi

To all Christians, religious, clerics, and laics, men and women, to all who dwell in the whole world, Brother Francis, their servant and subject, presents reverent homage, wishing true peace from heaven and sincere charity in the Lord.

Being the servant of all, I am bound to serve all and to administer the balm-bearing words of my Lord. 1 Wherefore, considering in my mind that, because of the infirmity and weakness of my body, I cannot visit each one personally, I propose by this present letter and message 2 to offer you the words of our Lord Jesus Christ who is the Word of the Father and the words of the Holy Ghost which are "spirit and life." 3

This Word of the Father, so worthy, so holy and glorious, whose coming the most High Father announced from heaven by His holy archangel Gabriel to the holy and glorious Virgin Mary 4 in whose womb He received the true flesh of our humanity and frailty, He, being rich 5 above all, willed, nevertheless, with His most Blessed Mother, to choose poverty.

Thank You Fratello Pio-Francis and Brother Anthony, T.O.S.F.

May God preserve your Order.

The Traditional Third Order of St. Francis is located in Toronto Canada.They may be contacted here...

The print of Saint Francis is (remarkably) from Historical Documents in US History

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