The Jesuit Church Of St. Casimir

Joseph reminded me of all the beautiful places of worship we Catholics have enjoyed over the centuries. The Churches lent an image of majesty and greatness the st. Gymnasiums cannot approach. When we allow a sacred place to turn into these theatres we reduce the priest and the Mass to simply a performer and a performance.
Founded by the Jesuits and dedicated to St. Casimir, construction of the church began in 1604. Povilas Bokša, the assistant provincial and Jan Prockowicz, a Jesuit architect oversaw the work. The church was finished and consecrated in 1635. It burned down in 1655, when the Russian army entered Vilnius. The church was twice more destroyed by fire in 1707 and 1749.

The famous architect and astronomer Tomas Žebrauskas, SJ, headed the reconstruction of the church in 1749-55. His work can be seen in the graded cupola and the main altar. From 1751 to 1753 Hans Kierner, a Prussian sculptor, decorated the interior. Frescos of St. Casimir's life were painted by the Czech artist Joseph Obst.
Thanks Joseph!
Dieu le Roy!
de Brantigny


Joseph Fromm said...

I am planning a trip to Poland in a few years, This Church is not far away, maybe I can get to see it in person. It makes you feel better just to look at it.



de Brantigny........................ said...

I will be going to the new St Bedes tomorrow in Williamsburg. I am not looking forward to seeing the new churchm i already know they have removed the tabernacle to a side room.

These new style churches are an abomination.