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I used to tell my students (er, learners) how to pass a test I would be giving them. I would often tell them, read the entire test first, not to overthink the question, work for speed and if they could't figure something out skip it and come back. I told them then that the first answer they came up with would usually be correct. High School, jet engine mechanics, whew...

Todays news says I was right. It is good to be right 20 something years later...

Study Suggests Why Gut Instincts Work

LiveScience Staff

Sometimes when you think you're guessing, your brain may actually know better.

After conducting some unique memory and recognition tests, while also recording subjects' brain waves, scientists conclude that some gut feelings are not just guesswork after all. Rather, we access memories we aren't even aware we have.

"We may actually know more than we think we know in everyday situations, too," said Ken Paller, professor of psychology at Northwestern University and co-researcher on the study.

"Unconscious memory may come into play, for example, in recognizing the face of a perpetrator of a crime or the correct answer on a test. Or the choice from a horde of consumer products may be driven by memories that are quite alive on an unconscious level."

The findings were published online Sunday in the journal Nature Neuroscience.

The research, done with only a couple dozen participants, adds to a growing body of conflicting evidence about decision-making. In one study done in 2007, researchers found that quick decisions were better than those given lots of thought. But a study last year suggested neither snap judgments nor "sleeping on it" trump good old-fashioned conscious thought. more...

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