Béatification de Louis et Zélie Martin

Beatification Mass of Louis and Zelie Martin.

Here you may watch the Beatification Mass of the parents of St Thérèse of Lisieux.

Louis and Zelie Martin's imitation of the Holy Family

This short and simple article by Robert Colquhoun on his blog Love Undefiled

The recently beautified parents of Therese of Lisieux, Louis and Zelie Martin originally proposed to live as brother and sister in their marriage, following the example of Saint Joseph and the Virgin Mary. But a prudent intervention by their confessor and the desire to give children to the Lord made them put an end to this holy experiment. Zélie would later write to her daughter: “As for me, I wished to have many children so that I could raise them for Heaven.”

Merci and a tip of my beret to Robert.

Dieu le Roy!

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Anonymous said...

Hi again Richard!
I am so happy about the beatification the Martins. Theirs was such a holy family that suffered much. I hear also that the case for Leonie has been introduced. Marge