What is it about Paris?

The Parisians are very hard on cars. I have copied two photos from a site called Paris Daily Photo. Either these Parisians are real bad at parking their cars or it is another protest.

As I watched the news this morning and a guest report was from a member of the Israeli Information service. He was from Askelon in Israel. In his reporting he allowed something of his feelings to surface. His mother still lives in Askelon. In the preceding 3 months she has resorted to hiding in her hall to escape possible death from rocket attacks by the Hamas in Gaza. He did like the idea of his mother having to find refuge in her hall from the daily occurrence of rocket attacks. We never see the Israeli side. It exists yet nothing from our media. Why is it we only see the poor defenseless Palestinians being shelled, hurt, screaming in pain and for "justice"? I have watched this my whole life. It has never changed. The PLO, Hamas, Syria, Egypt, Hezbolla attack Israel, Israel defends herself (and does so well) and then is called the aggressor. Consider the UN, who is unwilling to do anything to stop Hamas. A cease fire will be called for while Hamas, rearm, in trench and break the cease fire only to be beat down again. It has been the same since the Crusades. (It is in the Qu'ran, to parley a truce while rebuilding ones forces, only to attack again.) Does any one but Israel realize what is at stake?

I have my own feelings about the middle east, and though they are not the subject of this article, I will say if my neighbour started shooting up my house, I asked him to stop and he didn't, the sheriff (UN) was unable (or unwilling) to stop him, I would react in the same way as Israel. ...and yet in cities around the world have demonstrations which call for Israel to unilaterally end the hostilities!

Three years ago my daughter* was studying in France when Muslim thugs burned cars in every major city. I would sit and watch wondering when the French government would step in and stop them. So I ask myself one more time, "How does one allow his property to be destroyed like this and say nothing, do nothing?" What is this madness when the whole world seems turned upside down?

Please, someone tell the Parisians that the Commune is over, the time for barricades is over, pull down the red flag, and just breathe.

Dieu le Roy!
de Brantigny

*Genevieve was questioned by French police because she has Mediterranean looks, and wearing a pashmina she could appear as a Muslim. She produced her U.S. passport was taken home in a French police car and released.

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