Roe v. Wade the 'Dredd Scott' of our age

Fr Pilcher has placed this article in his blog Subimonk. I do not think that anyone with a mind could agree with the Dredd Scott decision of 1857. Incidently, The chief Justice of the United States Suprime Court was Roger B Taney. He was from Maryland and he was a Catholic.

From Catholic News Services

Roe v. Wade the 'Dredd Scott' of our age, commentator argues

Washington DC, January 22 (CNA).-In an article for the National Review, M. Edward Whelan III, President of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, made the argument today that the pro-abortion rights U.S. Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade is the "Dredd Scott" decision of our age. Both cases, he wrote, invoke "substantive due process" to deny American citizens the authority to "protect the basic rights of an entire class of human beings."

The 1857 Dredd Scott v. Sandford decision ruled that a prohibition on slavery could not apply to slave owners who brought their slaves into free territory. This ruling helped precipitate the U.S. Civil War.

Thanks Fr. Pilcher.

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