On Revolution

Durandal has so many good article that I add only this today...

...'If, stripping off the mask of the revolution you ask, "Who are you?", she will say, "I am not who you think I am. Many speak of me and yet few know me. I am not the Carbonari who conspire in secret, nor the uprising which howls in the streets, nor the change from monarchy to republic, nor the substitution of one dynasty for another, nor the sudden subversion of public order. I am not the cries of the Jacobins, nor the furore of the Montagnards, nor the fighters on the barricades, nor plunder, nor arson, nor land laws, nor the guillotine, nor the noyades. I am niether Marat nor Robespierre nor Babeuf nor Mazzini nor Kossuth. These people are my sons, but I am not they. These men and these deeds are transitory facts and yet I am a permament state. I am the hatred of all religious and social order which man himself has not created, and in which he is not King and God togather. I am the proclamation of the rights of man against the rights of God. I am philosophy of rebellion, the politics of rebellion, the religion of rebellion. I am armed negation. I am the foundation of the social and religious state upon the will of man in place of the will of God. In a word, I am anarchy, because I am God dethroned and replaced by man. This is why they call me Revolution, that is confusion, because I raise up high that which, according to eternal law, should remain low, and I thrust down low that which should be on high...." 'Msgr. Jean-Joseph Gaume (1802-1879)

Thanks and a tip of the beret to Mark...

Dieu le Roy!
de Brantigny


tubbs said...

I've only recently discovered your blog and I'm really enjoying it...so I hope you and madame are home from Chicago, safe and sound.
re Revolution: are you familiar with Simon Schama's "Citizens", and what did you think of it?

de Brantigny........................ said...

Tubbs, We have not left this place. I am not a fan of Chicago for the most part. If you are from Chicago I apollogize, too many people living too close and too many attitudes, (no mater waht Sinatra says, it is not my Kinda town).

I just got another copy of Citizens, I have found it to be even handed though I know Schama is Jewish, and some of his conclusions are not mine. I have become over the last two years more convinced that monarchism is the only way. I do not think in my lifetime we sahll ever see it come to pass.

A book I may recommend to you is "Guillotine and the Cross"
it is very well done, brief and has a Catholic perspective which the "Citizens" is missing.

Dieu le Roy!