Mother of Octuplets faces Questions

This has been in the news over the last three days. A woman, described as young gave birth to 8 babies. She either had 8 embryos implanted in her uterus to insure that at least one would become a baby or her eggs were stimulated to help fertilization.

News reporters are stating that she is coming under criticism for having multiple babies since she already has 6 other children all under 7 years old. She and her husband now have a total of 12. Her husband is in Iraq as a civilian contractor.

OK here are my problems with all this:
Having embryos implanted or taking fertility drugs is an unnatural act. (I am sure to be criticized for that statement, bring it on).
Those who are doing most of the criticizing are the same ones who tell the Pro-Life Movement that a woman's body is her own and we need to stay out of her right to choose. I understand she was asked to abort one or so to insure that viability of the others. The pro-abortion types, can't wish this woman and her children health, only question her sanity.

I for one pray that all this children health and happiness.

Dieu le Roy!
de Brantigny

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