Marie-Antoinette's Veil

It has always been my contention that to know history, it is important to know the little things as well. You won't find this article in a history book, but you will on Elena-Maria's blog. In a deeper sense we may gain this information, Marie-Antoinette was not a spend thrift(1), she reused what could be reused; She donated to the Church her dresses to be made into vestments(2); She was generous to her servants and maids. This does not even approach the clod hearted, woman of low morals projected upon he by her detractors. Elena-Maria writes...

...Many people ask what became of Queen Marie-Antoinette's clothes and jewels after the fall of the monarchy. People particularly want to know what became of her wedding gown. Like many of the queen's gowns which were designed for special occasions, the wedding gown was probably made into a set of vestments and donated to the Church. A veil, which may have been worn at her weddding, later graced the head of the niece of Tsar Nicholas II, Princess Irina, when she was married to Prince Felix Youssopov. As Felix wrote in his memoirs:

...We were quite overwhelmed with gifts: the most gorgeous jewels as well as the simplest and most touching presents from our peasants.... Irina's wedding dress was magnificent; it was of white satin embroidered in silver with a long train. Her veil, which had belonged to Marie-Antoinette was held by a tiara of rock crystal and diamonds....More.

Thanks and a tip of the beret to Elena-Maria!

Dieu le Roy!
de Brantingy

(1) As opposed to the next woman to wear a crown in France, Josephine Beauharnais.
(2) I imagine that her dresses would make far better vestments, than these in a colour I am unused to seeing, orange. Do not type in vestments on the search portion of this site unless you are sitting down...

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