Jehanne by Antonin Mercie

Under a staircase on the ground floor of the Art Institute of Chicago is hidden the bust of The Maid by Antonin Mercie. I found this quite by accident on afternoon as I was visiting the Institute for a Mary Cassat exhibition several years ago. At the time I paused for a second, gave it a glance and continued to the exhibition. Weeks later the bust reappeared in my mind and I called my sister who works near by and asked her to run over on her luncheon and take some photos for me. I present this now, as a first article on St. Joan of Arc, or as she was called during her lifetime, La Pucelle. (simply The Maid).

I know I will never do her story justice, so I will include links to my articles which will expound on and verify facts.

Jhesu + Marie
de Brantigny

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