Jacobin Awards!

I am considering instituting a new award, the name of which came to me last night. I will call it the JACOBIN AWARD. I will present it on this blog for those who have done the most to further the agenda of the Jacobin Club, being a vision of collective rights, rather than the rights of each individual.

I will be accepting nominations for this most coveted prize. Those who wish to place a name in nomination need to send me an email the address in my profile. Of course a short dissertation is required as to why you feel this person is worthy. Unfortunately the person must be alive. (Robespierre and Marat already have their rewards)

I hope to present this award on my blog about the 16th of February, 2009, the anniversary of George Washington's birthday.

Dieu le Roy!
de Brantigny


Irish Tory said...

I would like to nominate Anthony Blair, a man who has trashed what was left of British tradition. A vile, deceitful and treacherous man.

Another would be George W Bush, for his ability to portray himself as 'conservative', while being as 'progressive' as Blair, another deceitful traitor.

And from my own homeland, Albert Ahern, the man almost single handedly ruined Ireland, encouraged the greatest unsustainable buble in our history, waged war on the Church, allowed our culture to be degraded, imported hundreds of thousands of immigrants, creating in the process a Muslim minority which is now cheerfuly and energeticaly building monumentaly inapropriate mosques, even in small Irish cities!

Those three are for starters.

de Brantigny........................ said...

I shall be including these names in a poll I will be conducting next week.



Matthew Palardy said...

One word: Sarkozy.

A man determined to dilute the identity of France and, indeed, all of Europe, in favour of the global liberal (c'est-à-dire, non-Catholic) empire. Thank God the Irish stopped him--for now.

Vive le Roi!