Gays Vandalize San Francisco Church

January 6th, 2009 by Catholic League

Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, in the heart of San Francisco’s gay Castro community, was vandalized over the weekend by opponents of Proposition 8, the California resolution passed by voters in November that rejected gay marriage. Swastikas were painted on the church and the names Ratzinger (referring to Pope Benedict XVI) and Niederauer (the San Francisco Archbishop) were scrawled besides the Nazi symbol.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue is asking Catholics nationwide to respond to this incident:

“In the wake of Proposition 8, innocent persons have been assaulted, churches have been vandalized, a white substance resembling anthrax was sent to the Knights of Columbus and to Mormon temples, supporters of traditional marriage have been branded Nazis, African Americans have been called the ‘N-word,’ houses and cars have been trashed, etc. Unfortunately, most of those in the gay community have been silent about these acts.

“Part of the blame for the latest attack goes to San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Both Newsom and the Board have shown nothing but contempt for the First Amendment rights of Catholics. When crucifixes are sold as sex toys and Catholic sensibilities are assaulted by naked men in the street at the annual Folsom Street Fair, they say nothing. When gay men dressed as nuns show up at Mass-at the same church-they say nothing. But the Board was quite vocal about condemning the Catholic Church in 2006, something which led to a lawsuit triggered by the Catholic League and the Thomas More Law Center.

“For those who love to write about ‘root causes,’ let them ponder the guilt of these public officials. Moreover, leaders in the gay community show no leadership when it comes to denouncing incivility committed in the name of gay rights. This has got to end.”

Actually that is not the point. Many gays, but not all, feel it is a right to "get" married as if it were some badge of morality. They show by their actions that they believe can force acceptance of their lifestyle upon a nation which is mostly opposed to it. One can not legislate morality we can only demonstrate truth. We Christians believe in the laws that scripture contains, and the Church teaches, to wit: homosexuality is a disorder.

Facing Christ at the judgement, they will not be able to say "...but it was the law." It will not be a defense (any more than abortionist will be able to say the same). A homosexual union defies natural law. Natural law is Gods law. Since they can not reproduce offspring homosexual marriage is not part of natural law. Gods law always triumphs over mans law. In this dictatorship of democracy those laws which permitt homosexual marriage are made only to satisfy a that minority which desires to maintain a false veneer of wholesomeness they would otherwise not be able to enjoy. The article above is proof of their wholesomeness.

I do not have more rights as a non-homosexual, I can not marry a man any more than a homosexual man can. Difference is, I don't want to.

The Jacobin Mayor of San Francisco "Any twosome" Newsom may be reached at this email address. gavin.newsom@sfgov.org take a minute to write him a letter.

Dieu le Roy!
de Brantigny

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