The Apostle Of Brittany, Blessed Julien Maunoir

Blessed Julien Maunoir born in Saint-George de Reintembault, France, October 1, 1606 taken into Heaven at Plévin, France, January 28, 1683.

Joseph reminds us that not all Jesuits of the 18th century found missions in New France, some found their mission in France as well. Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit... As Father Julien was inspired by Jesuit martyrs of New France, he remains an inspiration to us.

In the village of Plévin in Brittany in France, Blessed Julien Maunoir, priest of the Society of Jesus, that both in towns and villages as in cities of this province to forty-two years he devoted himself entirely to the missions to the people.

Blessed Julien Maunoir is considered the ‘apostle of Brittany’, the historical region of France, for the extraordinary work missionary who played well for forty-two years. Born on October 1, 1606 in Saint-George de Reintembault fifth of seven children of a small trader of fabrics. The venerable Le Nobletz Michele (1577-1652), a popular missionary mysteriously learned of her birth and that in him God had prepared a help and a successor. Julien’s first teachers were his parents, usually happy to share with the poor the proceeds of their work. The favorite game of Julien was to bring together the partners, siding two by two in order of procession, and to repeat their prayers and songs learned in church. A priest of the parish, noting his attitude, uncommon in his peers, taught the him the basics of Latin and allowed him to attend a college of Rennes, the Jesuits between 1620 and 1625. Julien did not let himself be influenced by bad company and persuaded some of the companions of Mary congregation to burn the books perverse, not to attend the inns and to moderate the passion for the game. Hearing of businesses Jesuit missionary in China, Japan, America, and the thought that many souls are lost for lack of apostles, he meditated finally enter into the religious life.

During his novitiate he was noted in the exercise of brotherly love. Since the time of college life was proposed:

“I want to live as if there were not that God, always assuming his rescue: without that I know of nothing he can not … Always attentive to what God wants from me, think that he may want to prepare for a Jesuit to everything that require its services. Oh, how I love that God is infinitely good and love me as I want from him.”
To that end he began to punish various ways in his flesh. After the religious profession Julien studied philosophy for three years in La Flèche, until 1630. His studies of Saint Jogues who was also martyred in North America.

It was because of priests like Blessed Julien whose influence the populations of Brittany and the Vendee remembered during the persecutions durng the war on the Chouanerie just a bit over 100 years after his death.

May God raise you to the honours of the altar Blessed Julien.

Dieu le Roy!
de Brantigny

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