Very funny if they weren't serious...

Here is a web site which is so strange that at first I couldn't believe they were being serious. Working in a prison and acting as the chaplain from time to time I thought I was used to the twisting of history and lack of scholarship in OTC (other than Catholic) religions. Well I was wrong. So I post this one last article to my blog for the day...

I always wanted a comics page to my blog.

Some articles on this site are...

Thank God that the earth is NOT moving!! The site calls the flat earthers crazy!

The Pope's Palace

The Hapless Habsburgs O brother!

Maximilain and Carlota

Here is my favorite... Saint Anne Boleyn—A Queen in Heaven!! This one purports to show that St.Thomas More was an instrumental figure in her execution. Unfortunately for this corruption of history St Thomas was executed the year before she was.

More reformation funnies can be found here...

This is indicative of the effect of heresy has on the mind.

de Brantigny

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