The sisters and brothers of Marie-Antoinette

Something I have delayed for too long is the posting of portraits of the brothers and sisters of the Reine-Martyre Marie-Antoinette. Thanks to Anabel who writes a blog from Buenos Aires, Argentina called Trianon de La Reina for my inspiration. Looking at these portraits is like looking at the families scrapbook. Sometimes it brings me back to reality that these portaits had to be sat for, and these people were alive. These are not snapshots, and because they are not, to me they are more alive.

Maria Christina, Duchess of Teschen

Marie Amalie, Duchess of Parma

Marie Caroline, Queen of Naples

Joseph II, Holy Roman Emperor; King of Hungary, Croatia, Slavonia, Dalmatia, Bohemia, and Italy; Archduke of Austria

Leopold II Holy Roman Emperor; Apostolic King of Hungary; King of Germany, Croatia and Bohemia; Archduke of Austria; Grand Prince of Transylvania; Grand Duke of Tuscany

Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria, founder of the House of Austria-Este

Other thanks go to my followers and fellow bloggers Elena-Maria and Catherine.

The family resemblance (especially among the sisters)is remarkable!

Dieu Sauve Le Roy!
de Brantigny

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You are welcome, Richard! By the way, I will resume the Daughters of Louis XV series next week with Madame Adelaide.