Missed the mark

I just can't put my finger on it. Liberalism departs from orthodoxy, that is the desire to do things right becuse that is the way the Church requires. Here we have a church in Australia which has missed the mark. Not being an Australian I hesitate to make a statement because it is not my diocese let alone my country, but I have to mention this.

It seems that a parish, (I dont know if this gaggle really qualifies) one St Mary's in the diocese of Brisbane may be(?) excomunicated if they don't comply with the Vatican's demands. ...and just what are these demands? You may well ask. This link provides a much more better word picture than I could ever say.

The St Mary's parish and its priests, Peter Kennedy and Terry Fitzpatrick, insist that they are in full communion with the Vatican. Hmm?

OK for all you at St Mary's let me say for the record that, One, you are not in full communion with any Catholic Church that I know of on this planet and, Two, the first word I learned in Catholic school after "Good Morning Sister" was "Obediance". Obediance to my parents, to the Sisters who taught me, to the Priests, to the Bishop, to the Pope and the teachings of the Church. This is not obediance. This is heresy. So are you in full communion with heresy?

This same parish placed a figure of Budda in the Sactuary in front of the Tabernacle! It was removed once, but evidently the priests moved it back with a note telling the Parishoners to be more "tolerant".

Tolerance is the catch phrase of the tyrant. "Tolarance" means that one must accept any falsehood, and blasphemy, and behaviour, and not speak ill of it because it is someone's personal choice.

As I looked at the pictures in the link, I was reminded of the desecrations of the Churches in France during the "Cult of Reason" and the blasphemies done in the name of tolerance, and the recent desecrations of the Eucharist.

I shall never submit, and I suppose I will remain intolerant to the intolerance of those who claim tolerance.

Once again thanks and a tip of the beret to Robert Banaugh.

Dieu Sauve le Roy!
de Brantigny

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