Marie Antoinette and the Last Garden at Versailles

Catherine Delors has nothing but praise for this new book....

When you think of gifts this holiday season, think of books. They fit all tastes, ages and budgets, and are perfect for the someone on your list who "already has everything." No one ever has enough books.

On the pricey (over $40) side, I recommend Marie-Antoinette and the Last Garden at Versailles by Christain Duvernois, with photographs by François Halard. I own, thanks to a gift certificate that was burning a hole in my pocket, a copy of the French version, more soberly titled Trianon: le domaine privé de Marie-Antoinette ("Trianon, the private domain of Marie-Antoinette.) I guess "last garden" sounded more melodramatic and likely to sell copy. More...

Catherine is the author of Mistress of the Revolution Mistress of the Revolution has been selected as a Premier Pick by Ingram Book Group, the world's largest book distributor. A great book for that special someone.

Dieu Le Roy!
de Brantigny

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