Voice from Hell

(noise) This is Jeff Murray, I was born in Queens. This words are for Muriel Murray, of 722 Folsom Boulevard, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Muriel, I am your brother Jeff. I died in prison. I don't have a lot of time, I must explain... The blood of those children... you must stop that thing... the blood of children. When I passed through the corridor before entering eternal death I was allowed to see all of history in one minute. Two men dressed in white showed it to me in a small blob of ink. In the center of the blob I could see the Great Lady, she is a young mother of great beauty--it is hard for me to talk about beauty now... beauty hurts so much in this place... aack... (noise) yes... she was giving her son in the hands of God, for a brief moment. God allowed men to kill him. He was losing a lot of blood... his mother soaked a big cloth with his blood, she wanted to keep it... to give it to God as He was waiting... then God lifted the bleeding man. I am sure he was Jee-suss... oh... it hurts so much dear sister... and with the blood of Jesus, with every drop he rescued souls that went flying to him... Oh... but there was also an enemy. He was tied and then they let him loose. The enemy knows that he can convince a mother to give him the blood of her baby... he can use it to rescue his minions... he went out to convince the whole world that killing the babies is what they ought to do. He will use the blood of those babies to free the demons in the deep dark pits. Muriel dear, I am so sorry I lied to you... I was not working as a gynecologist... I made more money performing abortions... ah... money hurts and burns my hands and eyes now... save yourself, my sister. I have found this. It's like a tape recorder and I can speak through it... they let me do it but it hurts... a horrible pain to speak... this... aghh... I hope it reaches you. If it's found, take it to 722 Folsom Boulevard, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I hope it's not too late... (cries?) late... (noise)

Carlos Caso-Rosendi placed these powerful words in his blog as a part of a blog article. Carlos has told me that in speaking to exorcists that Satan uses the blood of the the child-martyrs to unlock demons from hell to assist in the destruction of humanity. To me this story stands alone...

de Brantigny

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