Another Photo of the Royal Couple

I am posting a photograph from Catherine's Laudem Gloriae of the Royal couple at the reception in honour of the Duchesse of Segovia and Anjou on her 95th birthday anniversary.Most Rev Nicholas Thevenin (Sec of Cardinal Bertone), the Ambassador of Belgium to the Holy See and SMOM, Cardinal Tauran, the Duchess of Segovia and Anjou, the Duchess of Anjou, the Duke of Anjou, Mgr Mamberti, the Ambassador of Portugal to the Holy See.

Note: Cardinal Tauran, Mgr Mamberti, and Mgr Thevenin are all French and would probably consider themselves Legitimists.

Someday I hope to post a photo of the King and Queen in their Coronation robes.

Vive Le Roy! Vive Le Roy! Vive Le Roy!

Dieu Le Roy!
de Brantigny

more photos may be found at
Laudem Gloriae

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