I have been remiss in adding articles to my blog. I appologize, work and other problems have keep me from writing.

Some thing I have missed writing about,

>Friday, 31 October was the anniversary of my ship the USS Iwo Jima, LPH-2 having a catastrophic explosion in a steam line in the boiler room. 10 men were killed the most fortunate ones immediately. It was a eye opener to many of the younger sailors and Marines about what going off to war meant. My wife heard about it as she was driving to her duty station (she was a Navy Corpsman). I got a chance to call her later in the day after the ship was towed in the dock.

>Last week my wife and I went the Waxhaws for a gathering of the Clans, (she is from Clan Robertson), and then went to a scenic drive through the mountains on the Appalachian trail, from where Suzanne took some great pictures. I hope to post more as soon as she sends them to me.

>Wednesday we went to Durham for an appointment t the VA, leaving there we tooka short trip to Bright Leaf Center. There is a real antique book store there at which I bought an 1816 print of King Charles I and his Queen that were copied from an original manuscript. They are awaiting a frame. Also I found some very old post cards of France including La Petite Hameau at Trianon. Printed in 1913, and in black and white they will make a nice addition to my study. I hope to reproduce them here soon.

>Today being All Souls Day I am relfecting on those souls which have gone before me. It is also the Translation of the Relics of John Henry Cardinal Newman, which is being telecast on EWTN. The Mass is in the extraordinary rite. That rite never fails to lift one to a higher place.

>...And today is the Birthday of the Queen-Martyr Marie-Antoinette. May her soul be counted among the Saints. Following the link will take you to Elena-Maria's Tea at Trianon. By clicking here you will be taken to Catherine Delors in Paris for a look at the young Archduchess in a happier time.

Dieu Le Roy!
de Brantigny

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