Echoes of a Distant Thunder

by Carlos Caso-Rosendi

...And when the thousand years are ended, Satan will be loosed from his prison...—Revelation 20, 7

It was 312 a.D. and Constantine the Great had defeated Magentius in battle, securing the control of the Western Roman Empire. The night before he had been advised by a strange vision to use the Cross as a sign that would surely bring him to victory. He did and he won. In time, he moved the Roman capital to the East, to Constantinople (now called Istanbul.) The move caused some of the bishops of Constantinople to think that perhaps the Chair of the Roman Pontiff should be moved to the new capital. The Romans (and the rest of the West) wanted nothing to do with that. The dispute continued until 1054 a.D. when the Bishops of Rome and Constantinople exchanged excommunications. Thus began the Eastern Schism that produced what we know now as the Orthodox Churches of Asia. The first thousand years of the Reign of Christ were coming to an end and Satan was out of his prison.

In time, the Churches of the East would know much more exacting taskmasters than the far removed Roman Pontiff. Invading hordes assailed the Western Empire for centuries, Constantinople fell to Islamic forces in 1492, then came the Sultans, the Ottomans and finally Communism. The tyranny of evil always befalls the disobedient.

Before and after the fall of the Eastern Empire, the top of their society started moving west, escaping the consequences of their own ideas and behavior. They brought with them the same kind of intellectual attitude and spirit that had caused the split in 1054. Not long after the fall of Constantinople, the German Reformation, a new and more pervasive form of schism, appeared in the West.

That was going to be just one of many assaults on the old order of the ages. The German Reformation opened the door to the French Revolution, the precursor of Communism. Bonaparte, Weimar, Lenin, Hitler followed in quick succession: all of them agree in one thing and only one thing: they hated the Christian ideals.

The Second World War ended the aspirations of fascism, the Cold War ended the expansion of Soviet Communism, but not before they had infected our youth and intellectuals. The year of 1968 saw the beginning of many decades of turmoil. The transgressors had reached our shores. That was the year that the Democratic Party jettisoned the Jacksonian ideals, ceasing to represent the workers of America in the perpetual dialogue between Labor and Capital. The successes of the Civil Rights Movement inspired the Democrats to seek new causes in a perpetual and nonsensical war for "absolute equality in everything." The dogmas emerging from that deviation ended up infecting even those to the right in the political spectrum. Our body politic ails of a strange fever, the result of an epidemic that started moving east more than a thousand years ago.

As it often happens with common infirmities, the fever is only a symptom, a sign that the body is burning energy and generating antibodies to fight the invaders. When the sickness wins the fight, the result is the death of the body. When the body wins, it becomes stronger, and the antibodies prevent that sickness from ever occurring again.

All analogies are imperfect and this one follows the rule. We know that God created mankind to give Him glory, and praise Him forever for His love. This sickness has not the slightest chance of killing the body. But now the fever rages on and it will get worse before it gets better. The sure sign of victory is still the same it was in times of Constantine: the Cross.

In Hoc Signo Vinces, a motto having the same initials as Iesu Homini Salvatoris Vincit.

Jesus, Savior of Mankind Prevail! Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.

Thank You Carlos.

Dieu Le Roy!
de Brantigny

Carlos Caso-Rosendi is a native of Argentina. He is an active knight in the Knights of Columbus. He is an author who is currently writing a Catechetical book to help Catholics who have turned to Mormonism return to the faith. He has posted portions of his latest work, The Bible Path
A Practical Guide to Know the Biblical Foundations of the Catholic Faith,
, here... Carlos attends Mass in my parish, St Catherine of Siena, in Clarksville, Virginia.

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