A Family Portrait

Catherine Delors posted this family portrait of the Imperial family of Marie-Antoinette in 1755. It is in effect the family photo, of the proud parents of Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna von Hapsburg-Lothringen. The reader will be reminded that the opening moves of the 7 Years War have already been made.

Marie-Antoinette was the 15th child of the Emperor Francis I Stephen and his wife Empress Maria Theresa. Even in a time when large families were common, this can only be described as Homeric...

In the portrait I noticed that one brother (I think it is the Archduke Ferdinand) is wearing Hungarian trousers.

Thank you Catherine, and a tip of the beret to you.

Dieu le Roy
de Brantigny

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Catherine Delors said...

You are most welcome, Richard! And you are very observant. Maria Theresa was such an adept politician that I very much doubt that the Archduke's Hungarian garb was there by coincidence...