Anniversaire de la duchesse d'Anjou et de Ségovie

A l'occasion du quatre-vingt-quinzième anniversaire de Emmanuelle la duchesse d'Anjou et de Ségovie, le 8 nobembre, elle a été reçue en audience privée par S.S. le pape Benoît XVI, avec son petit-fils le duc d'Anjou et sa famille.

On the occasion of the 95th birthday of Emmanuelle, Duchess of Anjou and of Segovia on November 8th, in the company of her grandson (Louis XX) and his family, was received by his Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI in an private audience.

Vive la Duchesse d'Anjou!
de Brantigny

Note: Upon the Crowning of SAR Louis XX, the Queen will only wear white to audiences with the Holy Father.

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Anonymous said...

Well, here the point is...will Louis XX ever be crowned ? I honestly think that she will keep dressing in balck...