A voting guide for Catholics

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Voting in Masonic Elections

Recently, I wrote regarding Mr. Ferrara’s claim that we are morally obligated to vote for Senator John McCain, and I have argued in the past that one is never obligated to vote, but my own pastor and confessor took a slightly different view on the matter, saying that one could, under certain circumstances, be obligated. What are these obligatory conditions?

The U.S. district of the S.S.P.X has put out a voting guide. While it does conclude that there are times when Catholics can be morally obligated to vote, it also makes clear that:

[I]n the rare case that there is a clearly, publicly Catholic candidate who supports the teaching of the Church, there is a strict moral obligation to vote, under pain of mortal sin. Where there is a clear gain possible from the correct use of a vote for some other candidate, it can be recommended or counseled. However, when there is no clear advantage it would be better to abstain, so as not to contribute even to a material participation. Mark Amesse

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Thank you Mark, quite true.

Dieu Le Roy!
de Brantigny

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