The Trouble with Corsets

When I first read this article yesterday I had to laugh to myself. Corsets or stays as they were called in the English colonies, (I once called the French version stays, and I still suffer from sleepless nights after the savaging I received) were a part of every woman's distaff. From the lowest to the highest, a woman would not consider going out in public were she not wearing one. It remained thus until near the end of the First World War when the metal (previously whalebone)was needed for weapons.

Maria-Elena has this missive on her blog about Marie-Antoinette hating her corset. (Hence the laugh) Read about it here...

Interesting trivia, Scarlet O'Hara supposedly had a 14 inch waist. To reference this, place a tape measure around a new roll of toilet paper. Voila!14 inches!

Thanks and a tip of the helmet to Elena-Maria and Catherine Delors.

Incidental information, the Jamestowne Museum has a corset (stay) made from steel, and it is fully articulated, but is is not known if it had been worn. Fashion is everything.

de Brantigny


Catherine Delors said...

14 inches waists, steel corsets... glad we moved on.

And thanks for the link, Richard!

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