As some of my readers may know, the week before last my father-in-law died, after a long period of decline.

Last Friday I was contacted by my mother, to let me know that the chemotherapy had not worked on my fathers brain tumor, and was discontinued along with the medication on his liver cancer. It became obvious that neither form of therapy would have any useful effect would only cause further debiitation, dementia, and detract from his dignity. The prognosis is that my father would have six months more or less. Therefore, he was returned to his home so that he might pass his days in the busom of his family and end his life naturally, where people are there who love him.

He has received the Annointing of the Sick, and his Viaticum.

Gods will be done.

Please say a "Hail Mary" and a "Glory Be" for him.

de Brantigny

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