Marie Antoinette's Diamonds

When we read of Marie-Antoinette one is ofttimes bombarded by claims of extravagance, yet as Lauren writes the Queen only owned two sets of diamonds. What is all the more remarkable is that she paid for them on the installment plan! To me it is not so unusual that the queen should purchase another set as soon as the first were paid off; My wife loves rubies, I purchase a set of rubies for her, pay them off and purchase another setting right after. Well the jeweler has to eat too!

“Next to sound judgment, diamonds and pearls are the rarest things in the world”

Jean de la Bruyere, French satiric moralist, 1645-1696

Diamonds, pearls, sapphires....ladies, and men alike enjoy the beauty and sparkle of precious stones. We just saw an example of Louis' frugality with diamonds and money. Marie Antoinette was not so different! As I mentioned in a previous post, she really liked pearls, in fact she preferred them much more over diamonds! She did however make a few diamond purchases. One purchase was a pair of diamond earrings she bought which cost 460,000 livres. She made the purchase in 1776 and paid them off in installments over the course of six years. more

Thanks to Lauren and her distaff blog.

Dieu sauve le Roy.
de Brantigny

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