The American Financial Crisis from a Catholic Perspective

From Durendal we find this article on the finacial crisis from a Catholic perspective:

Evangelical Protestants often have a saying, “What would Jesus do?” which they use to answer difficult questions. The principle behind this question is sound, even if the application is often lacking, due to ignorance of the teachings of Our Lord. We, therefore, with our superior knowledge of God’s revealed truth and the truths of history, can adapt this and ask “What would the Church do?” This, in turn, becomes “what has the Church done in the past?” and finally, looking to the age which most conformed to Our Lord’s vision and promise for society, we may ask “What lesson do the Middle Ages offer us in the right ordering of our own society?”

Thanks to mark and his contributors at Durendal.

Dieu Le Roy,
de Brantigny

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